In the beginning…

by Cooper Young

Alright, that was pretentious and I know it.  Anyway, here we go.  I’ve not really done this sort of thing extensively since junior high, so bear with me if you will. 

I was told (I won’t say where; you’ll laugh at me) that it’s a good idea for an aspiring writer to blog.  My source said it both helps to build an audience, as well as to motivate you to write.  Well, if this works, that’ll be great, but I’d be happy for just the second potential effect. 

You see, I’m in a rut. 

Probably my favorite line from the show “Mad Men” was “If you look in any given desk in this building, you’ll find the first five to ten pages of a novel”.  I’ve done a little better than that, I think; I have 238.  No…scratch that…I’ve just made the horrifying, sickening  discovery that the scene I finally finished last week has somehow disappeared.  Wonderful.  Just wonderful.

That, I guess, is what this is for.  If had not just started this, I would be running to my deviantArt account right now to mourn, and that’s not the place.  The work I do there has no bearing on what I just lost, and so my readers there justly would not care. 

So, before I cut this shorter than I had intended and begin my rifling through my computer, I will explain the name I’ve chosen for this thing: my book, novel, story, what have you (I like story best; it’s unassuming) is a strange little bit of fantasy that takes place, for the most part at least, in the underground city of Tentavaile.  I’m sure you can figure out the rest on your own. 

I have digging to do.