Malevolent Forces Suspected in the Disappearance of Report

by Cooper Young

It’s gone.  It’s just gone.  That little bit of work that took me so damn long is gone.

It was only three pages, really, and I know that doesn’t seem like a great deal, but it was.  It really, truly was.  This past summer I was really humming along, writing-wise; I was doing at least 500 words a night, close to a grand if I had a draft of the particular portion I was working on done already, and fifteen hundred and up if I had both a draft and a bottle of rum.  I was still doing relatively well during the fall, but around December my motivation started to trail off.  I’ve been stuck at 235 pages for a very long time now.  Those three pages were the most I had done in a single night in probably two months. 

I suppose I’ll tell you more about…well, everything, tomorrow.  I can only really write at night, and it would seem that I have a bit of work to do.  Sitting around sighing won’t do me much good.