“He’s Blond, He’s Pissed, He’ll See You In the Lists”

by Cooper Young

Bonus points if you can name the movie.

I haven’t much time to write tonight; the work I have to do for school is monumentous, and I made the mistake of going shopping earlier today rather than staying home and reading.  I wrote nothing yesterday.  The Men’s Olympic Free Skate was on, and, not having cable, I had to spend four hours at my soon-to-be-in-laws watching it.  As for the controversy on the results, I’m not a professional figure skater, and I have no right to say what the sport should or should not be about, but I will say that my perception of what happened was that a decent skater had a great night, and a great skater had an off one.  I hope Plushenko still has one more go left in him, because I would love to see him take back his crown.

Now, while I have been distracted by the sporting fever which besets me once every four years, I have been thinking.  Honestly, I think that the vast majority of writing is done in one’s head.  So, as a note to myself which will make absolutely no sense to anyone reading this, here is what I have lately decided needs to be considered for incoporation:

  • Dogs, of course
  • Baking
  • Glowing spiders (not sure if poisonous yet)
  • “You can’t keep living in a tent in front of the temple.”
  • Poker
  • Fur
  • The Blightling
  • Blightlings WITH fur.  Not sure yet.

Good night, ladies and gentlemen.