Ashay Reported Missing

by Cooper Young

What follows is more for myself than for any of you.  If it makes no sense, that’s fine.  If it does make sense…you may want to see someone about that.  I’m just putting it here so that I can keep track of it.

Outline this- It’s gonna be hella weird…

Maybe just freewrite a bit. yes. this final bit what what from the kiss on real names. their names not in front of others the bond the union violence for sex substitution Oedipal kill the father claim the mother Mama Nekin all his anger kill the killer and she’s his wants to watch him die see him die hear him feel him release orgasm the gun phallic with her moment of union together kill together always watches never participates consumates the consummation of consumption breathing fade to just the breathing in the dark her shoulders against his chest, turns, turns her head alone, cheek against his collar end in tableau the captain prone the back of his head an anemone she kneeling straddling weeping hands down he takes the gun wraps himself around her the aftermath not cuddling consoling warmth of blood and his body no speech no speech just breathing against one another the heavy warmth of breath and blood life and death and pain she can breathe at last breathe against him engulfed and freer, not suffocated at peace home he is home.  Should they talk would add sexuality but is that it is it just sexual not just lust, yes lust there present ever present but an extension of the love in them already complete already whole R&J never lived together never fought they do their life is whole complete unconsummated unofficial arranged commonlaw unconsummated until now the shot the shot the flow of blood against their knees the smoke of the gunpowder where does the burn come in no as much as it was good this is better that was more possessive more lustful oh but i did like it he’s marked enough this is better she let him feel her kill the captain and he holds her as she weeps buries his face in the side of her neck kisses I think not not what she needs then and Hidel intrudes breaks the moment with a new chapter makes Riga’s death more her fault we might forgive her for killing her but breaking the mood the embrace for muscling her way into their love we’ll never forgive her.