Mirrors and mime

by Cooper Young

Well, that last one helped me a lot, actually, even if it terrifed some of you.  I think I’m going to do it again. 

then where are we final moments final conversation before the bloodbath the bodies on the dias poison poison poison and we have a simple conversation but about what the way it stands now she almost starts flirting with him, but the transition is weak and eventually it has to get serious, has to get to that point where she asks what he wanted to tell her he does and doesnt starts with accusations he knows always thought she knew so knows that he does wants to know if she loves him always thought she knew he loved her and now he doubts did she dare he say if hes wrong things get awkward she’s not just his girl she’s his life, his boss, his landlady, his cynning, everything if things get to weird where does he go what does he do if he loses her to love is risky he is on thin, thin ice and what happens so he has to confront her without saying anything about his own motives until the end, when he tells her that its ok she avoids him until then wont say says halai doesn’t know what she’s talking about brushes him off distance, that’s the issue here, we have them drawing close by the conversation before the confrontation, being friends again at last, not master and servant not cynning and thane, not anything but friends i do like the flirtyness, the carelessness even though they’re probably going to die that day and they know it for the first time we really see them as they are, as they were before the world fell down cracked in half and how they always were this is how they were meant to be the feeling that they lost that was missing when they fought in the garden this is them, the real them each that the other fell in love with the playfulness does it get physical not sexual just physical not violent for them that is sexual just physical playful escalating to a moment of tension faces inches apart and the decision whether or not to make it a kiss in each of their minds and i do like the original tip off, how he puts his head in her lap again something about how touchy he’s become lately but he does this to lyshka too and she knows this she knows that he treats his sister similarly and this is different though but she’s not sure she doesnt want to say too much doesnt want him  to stop but has to say something has to question it else he’ll know that she doesnt mind and he’s testing her and she doesn’t know it mirror the language in the cradle the didnt say it wasn’t nice, the you confuse me, thats it thats it thats it that’s the tipping point in the convo the causualness the present the banter the flirtation he rests his head in her lap and she says he’s gotten cuddly the mirrored language and then as the moment disolves and the words run out she asks what he wanted to tell her.  yes.  go.