Nothing sadder than sober melancholy

by Cooper Young

Well, my dreams are disolving at the moment, but I’ll put that aside and try to be lighthearted.

The scene I’d been struggling with blossomed out into six pages last night, so that’s something for which to be thankful.

I had to move two weeks ago.  I found a mushroom growing out of the floor of my apartment, and for the health of the household we had to leave.  If there’s one mushroom, one mushroom growing out of carpet in a bedroom, no less, a good percentage of the floor has mold where one can’t see it.  I found it on a Wednesday night, and we signed the lease on a new place by the following Saturday.  The weekend culminated with the most difficult move of my life, which is saying something as my father was military, I was raised in Asia, and I have never spent more than four years in the same residence.  I’ve never had it disolve into a fist fight before, nor have I before ended up screaming on the lawn in front of family, neighbors, Google Earth, and God.  Just buckets of fun.

So this was two weeks ago.  I discovered tonight that the owner of the local liqour store, an establisment which I started using after we moved, knows me by name already.  I’m not sure how, seeing as I gave up drinking, smoking, and a couple of other things for Lent.  I do go in for my fiance, but not near as often as I would if I could drink.  We also had a fun conversation when I went in tonight to get Pat another tub of Kahlua:

“You need a bag?”

“Nah.  I’m alright.”

“You need a copy of the recipt?”


“You need a funnel and a short length of hose?”

I laughed, of course.  I’m not sure who funnels Kahlua, though.

I’m terribly tired, which makes no sense as I slept until noon today, and then had a nap at three.  I guess the semester is just beginning to wear on me.  Only one more week until spring break, though, which will be nice.  On the other hand, that week is going to be an awful twat of one. 

Well, I’ll save my worries for myself.  My last entry helped me vastly; it formed the foundation for those six pages I mentioned.  At least I’m getting somewhere with all that.