What I Do When Others Are Learning About Cranial Nerves

by Cooper Young

I’m just about as exhausted as they come.  Had to write a resume for the first time ever; pretty sure I did not do well with it.  I’ll find out tomorrow.

It would have been done earlier, but the baby managed to lock the entire family in the hall bathroom for a while.  My father-in-law had to drive across town to remove the doorknob and let us out.

It’s been a fun day.

On the plus side, I have another little snippet for you.  Written during one of my classes today while bored.  Somewhat scattered, and I didn’t get to finish it.  Anyway:

The Beast the blightling begin go.  She wakes pile of puppies, dead end cavern like the adder Asmodeus dead end someone was supposed to be watching who do we know who betrays not betrays but lets them down who falls asleep does she care she nearly dies but there is a messenger there are things to do angry but doesn’t dwell doesn’t do to dwell fix and forget too busy to hod a grudge is it Hidel that would work make her a little comic but hint at her potential to kill light punishment she’s busing tables at the Hall for a while washing mugs Caisei lying between her and Mikos not sure that he likes her but knows what her sister is doesn’t take chances not protecting him more protecting Hidel from herself Mikos curled around Riga’s feet Jiho near her head the real man the good man surrenders she wakes to this.  Something is wrong sensing animalistic something feels wrong too hot too hot for November/December (figure out dates for beginning of book week or so no two or however long it takes Kelendes and Meyren no she wouldn’t be called queen week after those two arrive figure out timeline) too hot far too hot steps into the tunnel the heat walks a ways sweating running down hair sticking to her as it sticks to him when he saves her same word “pasting” humid heat wet heat like breath the air pulsing similar to the nightmare in the tower and then knows has been half asleep (mention bare feet) starts into reality knows the Blightling is coming don’t say what it is until it breaks through the wall just a second- left spear behind- after she realizes split second fraction.  She runs knowing it can smell her will go for her the close reek of sweat yells yells at the top of her lungs obscenities screaming at the others to run no just that it’s there not to flee not to save her not fear just panic instinct need to survive…