Something a Little More Domestic

by Cooper Young

Give me colors.  We have the house and the shop connected at a right angle an L and then the garden the buildings are white marble the whole city is marble and copper little definition there connected to what to where Hidel to the left facing the door Kito to the right smaller houses theirs hers large too large for just her but he wanted her to have something nice. The shop. small square unimposing and yet it imposes itself into the garden clearly wasn’t built at the same time stone a slightly different tint.  just a shade.  so we have white the fence is oxidizing copper so we have green and then the orange of the tent flap and what else what else the flowers a rock surrounded by trees not grekka one grekka and the rest something else crevice pears one at least no fruit on them but there will be she teases him says that’s why he picked it what colors though the moss a deep deep greeny brown and the leaves of the trees with their blackish sheen black bark dark browns overgrown flecks of color bits of red and orange and yellow brighter purples than the streetlamps want some of the outside color to seep in here it is hers makes her acceptance of this place at least more understandable on a subconscious level she the colors warm outside the city cool inside it the warm colors in the garden little bursts and blips make it more homey to her make it more outside more tunnely that’s not a word i don’t care but it does it adds that touch of home not that the cool colors are entirely hostile just different just not the tunnels so a touch of the tunnels bits of that when we see her tent out in the tunnels we see touches of cool colors lamps blankets chests dishes things that speak to civilization and when we are in the city when we see her house we see bits of warmer colors and the purple in between the brown of her dress on the way to the council is a neutral a warm brown though stately but with that richness that warmth that is all that she is she is fire destroying all she touches so we have warmth in the garden bits pieces still the grekka flowers and the grey of the pear tree leaves i like grey go with grey and like the flowers the burst of the tent flap white flowers predominate contrast with the moss and the trees but blend with the buildings the original idea of seeing this world in monochromatics with touches of color on the important parts the headband his eyes something like that bring it here go.