by Cooper Young

So.  I’ve been having a bit of trouble writing out the ending of Descent.  Now, this has happened before, and I by now I know what it means: something isn’t right about the way it stands in my head.  Last time, I had a character doing something which was completely out of character.  This time, I think that I’ve figured out the problem.

The scene is, well, it’s a death scene, which always suck to write but are so epic when you’re finished with them.  I have one character saying goodbye to several others via, essentially, phone.  Now, the dialogue as I have it is heartwrenching, pathetic, and deep, but it’s been missing something.  There is no real urgency to it.  There is no feeling of climax.  It’s just a slow build to the top and then…a flurry of emotions and violent action.  How do I instert urgency into the mind of a character who has become moot, someone who has been removed from the main flow of events to die in a corner?

Answer:  Stab somebody!