The Fall of the House of Uewen

by Cooper Young

I’m not sure when or where, but that has to be a chapter title somewhere in A Story Twice Divided. I just can’t let something that cute slip away.

Ugh.  Been gone for a while, a long while, in fact.  I wouldn’t advise you to get terribly clingy; that’s sort of how I am.  I drift in and out.

Today, though, has been a cleaning day.  I hate cleaning.  I’m not sure why it was on that list I made in the last entry.  I think what I really meant to say was “I want to have a clean house” not “I want to clean my house”.  Those are entirely different.

Regardless, I have been cleaning today, and mere moments ago had the special fun of going through a mixed pile of papers and filing them.  When I say mixed, I mean about as mixed as it can get: poems, short stories, notes and scenes from four different series (that is what I’m being told the plural is, but it doesn’t sound right to me.  Help me if you know; I’ll be here slowly going mad in the meantime) and a few unrelated, amorphous book ideas, bank statements, my kid’s birth certificate, you name it.  I have to say, I rather like going through old stuff like that.  It makes me want to write again.

It’s funny; I never really considered myself a short story sort of person, and yet the file which holds my work in that category is larger by far than any of the others.  I think a lot of them are corrected copies; it’s the only reasonable explanation.  I have no idea why else it would be so thick.

I need a box just for stationary.