If it ain’t broke…

by Cooper Young

If I ever, by chance, mention to you that I am thinking of changing out the ring in my daith, please demand of me a very, very good reason.

Now, when I first managed to convince the guy to do the piercing (he doesn’t like to do daiths, as they take forever to heal properly), he would only put in a curved barbell.  That was fine, until about a week later when the bottom bead popped off.  Should I have been checking it?  Of course.  Was this possible?  Not really.  For those of you who don’t have this particular piercing, I want you to imagine attempting to screw a peppercorn into the roof of your ear canal.  Your fingers are too big, and it is entirely impossible to see what you’re doing.  Of course, these same things made it impossible for me to replace the bead.  Pat was kind enough to attempt it for me, but after half an hour of heroic effort only managed to bruise my ear something terrible.

Now, of course all of this took place at 2:30 in the morning.

After a short drive to Wal-mart, I was able to acquire a circular barbell which had reachable beads.  Of course, this was about two weeks before my wedding, and the replacement ring had cones on it.  Not a big deal, but I just don’t see cones as something terribly formal.  Absurd, I know.  Nonetheless, I shortly thereafter obtained a segment ring and, after an hour and a half of wrangling, managed to get it in.

I have worn that one since.  I like it.  It’s subtle.  It never clashes, is never too flashy or too informal, and there are no beads to monitor.  However, two days ago for some reason I have yet to understand, I decided to replace it.   I think I had gotten it into my head that after a week at the hot springs it needed a good cleaning; I really have no idea.  I put in a circular barbell.  The bottom bead fell off, and I didn’t have time to fuss with it, so I replaced that in turn with a CBR which Pat was kind enough to join for me.  An hour ago, the bead fell out of that one.

Now I have my segment back in.  I’m not sure why I bothered to take it out, but I don’t think I’ll be doing it again any time soon.  I like how it looks, it’s easy to clean, easy to deal with, and never suddenly craps out on me, and, most importantly, perhaps, I’m capable of working it.