Further Intentions

by Cooper Young

I’m absolutely dreadful at updating this (I think my best month had four or five posts), so I’m going to make a sad, probably misguided attempt to get better. I may not always have something terribly exciting to say, but I’m going to try to say something at least once a week, even if it’s totally irrelevant.

Here’s one for tonight:
I went to the Ren Faire today. I am now badly sunburned.
I’m currently writing three papers, all of which are due tomorrow, and all of which I should have done Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and/or Saturday.
I’ve reached a small block in writing. I’m wrapped around a line I want to use. It’s good(ish), but it’s the scene around it that will be difficult.
The aforementioned line is “I don’t care how busy you are; do that again and I’ll beat you like your daddy used to.”

On a slightly related note, I must thank my brother Dave for a random song link which pulled me through the execution scene. That song, by the by, is Silent Force’s “Walk the Earth”.

Give it a try.