by Cooper Young

Alright, so I missed a week.  I was going to write this back on Saturday night, but I couldn’t think of exactly what I needed to say.  In the end, I guess it was better that I didn’t.

I had an idea last night, one that surprised and terrified me.  I’m going to talk about it in terms that assume you know a) who the characters I’m talking about are and b) a vague outline of the plot as a whole.  Most of you (you who pop in occasionally) do, so I see no reason to keep my ramblings vague on this one occasion that I want to be specific.

To put it bluntly, I’m going to kill Mikos.  He’s going to die about two-thirds of the way through, perhaps a little earlier; I suck at fractions, so it’s an estimate, really.  Now, I’m sure this is a shock, considering the fact that he’s a central character in the sequel to Descent. Don’t worry.  He still will be.  It will still work.

In fact, I’ve figured out a way to kill him midway through and simply insert his death.  As you may know, I’m not far from the end of the book; I’ve been going back in and tweaking things in the beginning and the middle before I wrap up the end, dispose of the protagonist, and bring it all home.  As it stands now, there are currently 95 pages (and counting) of material after the point where he would die.  Most of that material prominently features him.  If I do this right, however, I won’t have to edit him out of there.  It can all stand.

I’m sure that makes no sense to any of you (except two).  It will work, though, I know it will.

For some reason, I want bourbon tonight.  I never want bourbon.  I suppose that’s a good thing; it means that the bottle in the cabinet is probably near full.