Give me fuel; Give me fire

by Cooper Young

Give me that which I desire.

We have a basis.  We have Hidel the movement along the street we have Agme dancing through time, hips weaving, air bending and jerking around her the whole thing must be a display of unspeakable power, power that Riga never really understood, never comes to understand no time no time to learn how deep the roots run not even when they offer why she refuses a place in the triangle, trinity, triduum, no trinity, place goes to Lyshka instead she has no time to learn  but for an instant she sees for the procession she sees she sees how they move the trinity Motion Time and Being the force of being most apparent and most glorious, fire, flower petals, bats and what else what else, the fire moves, swirls, bends around them what Caisei creates Hidel shapes, Agme timing, slowing the flame so that it rolls and coils like smoke slowly, quickening, moving to not to her command but at the speed all three fire to bats to jewels to petals all moving and jerking through time not along it, up the stairs to fall flat on their heels arms outstretched prone humble all along one side, left I think, all remain until she passes, all keep their place.

Which brings us to the pressing question:  does Hidel trip Riga?