Witches and Whorls

by Cooper Young

I like to write in my kitchen.  I don’t know why.

It seems odd to apologize for such a short absence, yet apologize I do.  I’ve gotten used to writing much more frequently than before.  But, as anyone who has read since the start knows, a red text followed by (or, in this case, surrounded by) a disappearance means that I’m heart-deep in writing a difficult scene.

If you have the magical gift of babble translation, you may have already guessed that I’m dealing specifically with a scene in the middle of Descent that deals with a procession by several major characters from their area of Tentavaile to the much-anticipated council at the temple in the center of town.  Because the world in which I work is exclusively underground, I don’t usually have a lot of room to work big, majestic settings.  There are no landscapes; there is no place for epic battles.  The people are only loosely organized, so there are no grand palaces or royal balls.  It is a minimalist world with a minimalist society.

For a single moment, however, for this one scene, I have both scope -the wide, celebration filled streets of Tentavaile- and material -something approximating a parade.  Perhaps most importantly, three witches who have  not had much chance to demonstrate their power are leading this procession.  I must make a spectacle of it.

Needless to say, it has been taking me a while.  Part of the problem is that I recently purchased new spinning fiber and have been doing next to nothing but spin since.  There’s something about it which is at once relaxing and addictive.  It’s kind of like writing that way.