Post-A-Week 2011

by Cooper Young

Alright, I’m going to go ahead and jump in on this business.  I’m a bit late, but let’s consider it an anniversary present to you, my few readers.  I’m late on that too, but yes, I’ve been at this for close to a year now; considering my spotty attendance record, I suppose it’s time I started behaving.

So yes.  As my husband has class until late on Mondays, I hereby resolve to post every Monday evening.  At least, that is.  More if I feel nice or need to work through something.  Since I am a few weeks late, I will further make an attempt to carry a few weeks over into next year.  Hopefully it will be habit by then and I won’t even notice.

No, this doesn’t count.  Disregard the tag.  Shhh….