Before the Bulleit Strikes

by Cooper Young

As promised, I’m going to give this another go.  I won’t, however, be discussing a daily topic.  I have something much more important to cover.

Last night I wasted two full hours on webcomics because I simply didn’t feel like writing.  I regretted this immensely not long after I finally did start when it became readily apparent how little I had left to write.  After setting up the very final scene of my novel in less than three quarters of an hour, I resolved to finish before going to bed.

I wrote another six pages, and then went to bed.

Had I begun at my usual hour, I might have been able to wrap things off.  I have to wonder, though: if I had started sooner, would the two thousand words I did write have been any better?  They’re lifeless; they’re dry.  There’s dialogue, but it does nothing.  There’s action, but it lacks the urgency that’s it’s whole purpose.  It lacks passion and depth.

So here I sit, spinning another skein of yarn, while I wait for my kid to go to bed so I can do some primping and shellacking of what I have and then finally, after three and a half years, say goodbye to my characters and their world.  It’s time, or at least it will be in thirty-four minutes.  It’s all just about over.