The Moment Between

by Cooper Young

I confess myself to be in something like mourning.  Without Descent, it’s like I have nothing to think about anymore.  I find myself terribly irritable and weary.  It’s not a sadness; simply a lack of…anything.

Pat has done his best; he took me out on Saturday night for dinner, ice cream, and a movie at Kimball’s.  I came home, lit a fire in the fireplace, and proceeded to burn every piece of cardboard in the house and parts of my notebooks while we listened to some stand-up.  It helped a little.

I think it’s because I’m caught in literary limbo.  I’ve finished writing all that I intend to write, but I can’t yet start anything else because I still have to wait until I get it all set up properly lest I find an area that needs some more work.  I’m forced to be between works.  I really should have planned this better.

I have had a bit of help in regards to the start of Edorathis, though, specifically concerning a character known as Queen Nazarel.  It was in Mass on Sunday that I saw her, the woman whose appearance would inspire my descriptions.  She was young, no more than  sixteen (slightly problematic, but not deeply), and far darker than I had originally envisioned the character, but I have never seen a human being more fundamentally pretty in all my life.  It may seem thoroughly silly now, but at the time all I could think was that someone simply must write about her.

So, for now, I have at least this much to think about: how on earth to work that appearance into Edorathis.  From there come other developments.  Slowly, I will regain my momentum.

I don’t know why, but I am reminded of old work.