And now we go left!: Changes to blog structure

by Cooper Young


So about a month or three ago, I wrote a seemingly random-ass post about how to do a particular fiddly bit of shuttle tatting. For most (ok, all) of my usual readers, it was quite probably boring as hell. However, in the months since, it has consistently continued to pull views, something no other post I’ve written has ever done. My “top searches” section invariably starts with “how to do the flip in shuttle tatting”, or, more often, a tragic misspelling thereof. Needless to say, this caught my attention.

In the interest of broadening my horizons (and audience), I’ve decided to split this blog. This means going up to two posts a week, and before you roll your eyes at me, I think it will actually help me post more consistently. First, having more focused topics will allow me to better come up with ideas; simply because I can’t think of what to write on one topic doesn’t mean I have no ideas on another. Second, talking about something useful one day a week will make me feel better about discussing less productive things on another day.

Resisting my bizarre urge to start every paragraph with “so” today, here is the schedule: What was originally my topic-less Monday rambling will be moved to Tuesday, as it sort of had been already, if you look at the archives. Sorry for not making that official before now, but I’m sure you had it figured out. Saturdays will be our new addition, and will contain a lesson, anecdote, or observation on something I sort of know about. Probable topics include mead making (as Saturday is specific gravity measurement day for me; yes, I occasionally am willing to do math when it involves booze), various crafts to be collectively known as “makin’ stuff outta string”, and any of the 40 million things I know more than I should about (diamond grading, body piercing, how to fix that uppy-downy bit in your sink, etc.).

To recap: Come by Mondays if you want to hear me talk about being me. Try Saturdays if you want to learn something.

See you guys Saturday.