People Look East

by Cooper Young

After much struggle, the internet has been fixed and the Christmas tree erected, moved out of the way of the router, and decorated. Some furniture moving is still in order, but we are much closer to being in shape for the upcoming holiday.

Nonetheless, this will be a shortish post tonight. After all of that (“that” including replacing both modem and router), I still have work to do tonight. Writing-type work.

You see, I have let hope make me lazy. Two weeks ago, I sent out my first query letter. First ever. Super exciting. Then I waited. While I waited, I…

Did nothing.

Did I expect to hear back from this particular agent? No. Not really. Not at all, in fact. What I did do, however, was feel like I had accomplished something, and there is little in the world more dangerous to my productivity. I thought to myself “Well, I’ll take a bit of a break, and then have things ready to send out to the next agent long before the waiting period runs out on this one.”

That was today, and I was not ready. I got too hopeful, too locked into the idea that I had reached a new level to actually walk forward any further than the landing. Silly me. Silly, silly me.

So preparations continue tonight. I have a brief synopsis to write and a query letter to rework. Thankfully, I did finish rewriting the fifth chapter of Descent, better known as “the pivotal chapter with few major characters and a bunch of people who are never seen before or after instead”, last night when I panicked and realized my time was up.

And, of course, there’s still Christmas stuff to do.