Ze Goal: A Querying Report

by Cooper Young

I’m well aware that I’ve talked about nothing but my efforts to find an agent for the last several weeks now. I apologize; I finally got a job back in mid-January after a year of being out of school and three of being unemployed, and adjusting to not sitting on my ass all the time is taking me a while. I’m also, like, seven and a half months pregnant, but whatever. Point being I’m kinda busy, and the whole querying process is probably the most interesting thing I can write about without having to brain too hard.

Today also happens to be the 25th, and thus the one-year anniversary of Descent being finished. Back in January, I set myself the goal of querying 10 agents by today. For those expecting mumbled excuses and neck scratching (better known as my Generic Response to Anything #5)…

Queries Sent: 10

Still Pending: 7

Rejection Letters Received: 2

“No Response=No Interest”: 1


One 1k- word short story submitted to a local anthology.

Therefore, :P. With sound effects.

So, now we step it up. Next month: 12 more agents, at least one publisher, and another short story (stumbled a promising speculative fiction magazine in my research). Plus—what the hell—let’s shave some time off it. We’ll call it the 20th. I like dates I can remember easily.

As a side note for anyone else who may be going through the process, this is just about the coolest, most helpful site ever. Go there. Do stuff. It’s neat.