Tuesday Questions: Wednesday Edition

by Cooper Young

My posting schedule is going to shift a day to the right this week. A sculptor asked me to mend his stack of kilts last night, so I ended up drinking tea and watching children’s cartoons when I should have gone to the store. I did find my funeral dress, though. So, moving past the fact that my life sounds like a Mad Lib, this week’s searches are:

microdermal piercing thread direction

Righty-tighty lefty-loosy…if you’re looking at it from the top down. If you’re screwing or unscrewing one on your own body by touch alone, reverse that. You’re under the screw, so you have to mirror everything. I’d need a three-foot neck to look at mine top down, so I’ve learned.

Now, I’m assuming you’re asking because you’re trying to get the top off and it won’t go. If you’ve tried both directions, taken a hot shower and/or soaked it to try to loosen anything that might be making it stick and it still won’t budge, go see your piercer. Until then, stop fiddling with it. You’ll just aggravate it and increase the odds that it’ll reject. [insert the usual disclaimer about me NOT  being a piercing professional/tattoo artist/anyone you should listen to as more than a stranger on a bus]

how to make switch shuttle in tatting

Ugh. Now, this one I have to try to remember…I believe it’s called the “shoelace trick”. Not hard at all. Basically, you take both shuttles and tie the threads as though you were starting to tie your shoes. If you get as far as bunny ears, you’ve gone too far. Put one over the other and pull them even so that neither thread flips around the other. This will switch the positions of two shuttles, allowing you to switch colors, the direction of your chain, or both. It’s that easy.

Here, let this lady show you: