Tuesday Questions: Any Excuse, Really.

by Cooper Young

punch hole micro dermal scar

Ooooh! Yes! Yes yes yes.

I get to be a cam whore.

Alright, so as I’ve mentioned before, I had my dermal moved about…nearly two years ago. Doesn’t seem like that long, but it had to have been. Damn. Anyway, here’s the original position:

Base of the throat, slightly off-center to the right. Current position, with obvious scar:


That would have been…well, I got pregnant about two months after I had my dermal moved, and I was probably five months along when that was taken. So, it’d been healing for about seven months. At that point I was still covering it up with make-up whenever I went somewhere nice. That’s it without concealer. Now:


While there’s make-up all over the rest of me, there’s none on the scar. If you’re looking for it you can still find it, but it’s more of a void in the freckle field than anything else. I’m about as delicate-skinned as they come; my mother is a red-head and I managed to inherit her skin without inheriting her hair color. I’m of Irish-English-German descent, and I burn like dead leaves in Hell after about ten minutes in the sun. I have scars, pink ones, white ones, purple ones, you name it. This is not a bad scar.

My point is: if someone told you not to get one because it’ll leave a heinous scar if/when you have it removed, tell them to try again. If you’re worried because you have to have it removed and want to know how bad the damage will be, take a deep breath, you’ll be fine. People have different skin, of course, but the odds are in your favor. I think. It worked out for me, anyway.

Hooray for anecdotal evidence!