Open Sky

I want a love like open sky
Like winter morning wind
Something that is ache and waking
And sits trembling in my chest

I want a love like open sky
That invites me to grow wings
Make wings
And offers no promise to catch me if I jump

One that cannot catch me if I jump.

I want a love like open sky
With room enough to seek and find
And never know anything more than when I began
Love that when I choose to run
Will follow by simply being

I want expanse and I want distance
I want miles through which to fall and land and break
Accompanied, embraced, unsupported

I want to believe when I am with you I am alone

I want you bitter and raw and biting
And I want you to melt when I breathe

I want to take the broken parts,
throw them to my January wind,
and watch you hold them up like stars
While I unbury what of me is salvagable
The part of me that shivers like a flame in you
Burning happy in the chill

I want you
as you are



*Note: I don’t know how long it’s been since I wrote poetry, but I’ve wanted to write this one since before then.