Amid the Green Corn

I swear, when I started it I intended for it to be no more than a thousand words long. As the plan now stands, there’ll be a new chapter every other Thursday until I either run out of ideas or decide to stop using “Well, I’ll just do a new ‘Green Corn'” as my solution to apathy.

Part One: In Which Politics Attempts To Become Religion

Part Two: In Which Simon Makes a Host of Poor Decisions

Part Three: In Which a Stag is Hunted

Part Four: In Which a Bargain is Proposed

Part Five: In Which We Learn What Happened to the Wife of Clive Brastas

Part Six: In Which Triumph Justly Warring Makes Good on Her Promise

Part Seven: In Which We Hear Voices in the Dark

Part Eight: In Which Fire in the Field Plots Revenge

Part Nine: In Which the Risk is Weighed

Part Ten: In Which Silence Falls

Part Eleven: In Which a War of Twenty Years Begins in Earnest

Part Twelve: In Which A Queen is Lost

Part Thirteen: In Which Her King is Found

Part Fourteen: In Which a Reunion is Inspired

Part Fifteen: In Which the Rilikan Are Left in Good Hands

Part Sixteen: In Which We Are Lectured on the Dangers of Ignorance

Part Seventeen: In Which An Old Hunt Begins Anew

Part Eighteen: In Which A Princess is Crowned