A collection of poems detailing the return to- and overthrow of- the corrupt city of Edorathis by the warrior Arcturus, his cousin (?) Lilith, a vengeful madwoman named Rue, and the latter’s unnamed child.  The two women fled the city nine years prior during the coup which instated the current government; Arcturus, a hero of the newly installed force, found himself made a scapegoat for political problems and forced to choose between death or banishment.  Fleeing to Lilith, he convinces her to accompany him in his return to the city where he hopes to prove his innocence.

Upon meeting Rue- who, with her son, is making the same journey in order to save the royal scribe of the former dynasty, a man named Veritane who was once a good friend of hers- the three reach the conclusion that a quest should end in battle, not in begging.  Thus, amid their laments, songs, musings, and letters and interspersed with edicts from the new dictator, arises their plan to reclaim their kingdom at any cost.

Waiting for either death or redemption, Veritane sets himself to the task of recording the history of Edorathis, beginning with the tale of the star Vulrassa, who shone too bright for heaven and on earth was made a queen, and on through the short, tragic reign of her daughter Nazarel.

Status: Planning phase.  A few scattered pieces.