Ask Me How Many

by Cooper Young

I don’t do the whole New Year’s resolutions thing. Never really have. It always seemed like a little bit of a cop out to me; if you need to change something about yourself, why wait for a holiday to do it? If you need to lose weight, you are just as fat today as you will be on December 31. You’re wasting your head start. True story.

That being said, I do tend to set myself arbitrary deadlines. They’re just not the “I’ll do X starting on Y day” kind. I go for, you know, actual deadlines: “I’ll have finished X by Y.” None of this waiting bullcrap.

I have no resolution for the New Year (or had, rather, as I’m not terribly timely with this), but I do have a near-the-start-of-the-year deadline: by Feburary 25, I will have queried 10 agents. Not necessarily heard back from all of them (or any of them), mind you, but have alerted them to my presence in this world. 10 attempts will have been made.

So, from those of you who either follow me here or on Facebook or Twitter I ask a favor: nag me. When you see my name pop up, ask me “How many agents?”. It doesn’t have to be in context; I’d prefer it wasn’t, in fact. Just randomly ask. I want to wander the winding streets of the interweb fearing that someone will leap out from a back alley and shout difficult questions at me, and I promise not to stab you with my keys while screaming if you do so. Paranoia keeps me honest.

Also, before you have a chance to be a smartass about it, today’s answer is 3. For those following my last post, I am counting that attempt plus another as one, as they are to the same agent.

Why February 25? Because Descent will have been roughly complete for a year on that date.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m THAT lazy.